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June 05, 2017
OK, ladies. (Reuters/Chris Keane)
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Thu-Huong Ha
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June 05, 2017

Your friend is about to lead her first board meeting, or walk out in front of 300 students to give her first lecture. You text her your best encouragement: “Everyone thinks you can’t do this. But you can!”

She Persisted , a new book by Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of former US secretary of state Hillary Clinton and former US president Bill Clinton, does the same thing for young girls. Released May 30, with illustrations by Alexandra Boiger, it delivers an anxiety-laden lesson to its readers: The world wants to bring girls down.

The premise of She Persisted is simple enough: The book, aimed at kids ages four to eight, profiles 13 American women, including Helen Keller, Oprah, and Sonia Sotomayor. Throughout, it emphasizes the adversity that each women faced, with the dictum and feminist meme , “She persisted.”

Virginia Apgar, who developed a standardized way to evaluate newborns, persisted as an anesthesiologist, because she was told women couldn’t be surgeons. Maria Tallchief persisted as an American prima ballerina, despite being teased for being Native American.

A representative passage about 19th-century journalist Nellie Bly:

Nellie Bly became a reporter in part because a male writer had said that working women were “a monstrosity,” and she wanted to prove that women could do anything.

Though well-intentioned, the 20-page book tells its readers they’re in for a lifetime of injustice. Each historical figure is measured by the obstacles they overcame, and the word “no” repeats in both the first and closing passages of the book.

“Sometimes being a girl isn’t easy,” the book begins. “At some point, someone probably will tell you no, will tell you to be quiet and may even tell you your dreams are impossible.”

It ends on an only slightly more uplifting note: “So, if anyone ever tells you no, if anyone ever says your voice isn’t important or your dreams are too big, remember these women. They persisted.”

Of course, women do face systemic obstacles, institutional and social; there’s no need to pretend otherwise. But the negative language that pervades She Persisted risks doing more to undermine than empower.

She Persisted follows on the success of a similar collection that came out last year. Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls , by Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo, 100 illustrated stories about women including Sylvia Earle, Jane Austen, and Serena and Venus Williams, raised $1.2 million in crowdfunds. Another iteration on the concept, Women who Dared , by Linda Skeers and illustrated by Livi Gosling, with 52 stories of relatively unknown circus performers, drag racers, and sailors in disguise, will come out this September. Both these books, the first aimed at readers four and up, the second at readers eight and up, are more positive, celebrating heroic women for their intelligence, curiosity, creativity, and athleticism.

Creed, the strangest man at Dunder Mifflin, is the subject of clearance 2015 cheap sale find great NIKE Mens Air Force 1 High 07 LV8 Basketball Shoe Flax / Flaxoutdoor Greengum Light Brown free shipping fashionable sale clearance buy cheap 100% authentic D20h41
. But by far the best one is that he’s trying to catch Nessie. In “The Seminar,” Creed gives a speech about the Loch Ness Monster (which you can watch above), where he describes the creature and mentions the totally fake reward for its capture: all the riches in Scotland. So he’s clearly fixated on this folklore, but LaxBro316 Velvet Ankle Boot Black Gia by Queue buy cheap official site free shipping best cheap sale amazon outlet locations cheap price cheap with mastercard qIYRzopRu
with another Creed non sequitur to explain his ultimate goal. “If I can’t scuba, then what’s this all been about?” he asks. “What am I working toward?” It’s unclear if Creed ever found Nessie, but we hope he’s enjoying all the riches of Scotland.

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Stanley Kubrick Appears to Explain the Ending of in This Newly Surfaced Video
BY Jay Serafino
July 7, 2018
Evening Standard/Getty Images

Stanley Kubrick’s Bowknot House Fur Slippers Red Size3536 cheap sale top quality wholesale price sale online free shipping marketable a7STnS1UDA
is rightfully hailed as a milestone in science fiction filmmaking, but even its most ardent fans would have a tough time explaining the final scenes of the movie.

From the dizzyingly psychedelic “ CLARKS Womens Cliffrose Sail Boat Shoe Blue ebay Ukcnkxm
” to the strange hotel room and the appearance of the nebulous Star Baby, signs off with far more questions than answers—questions that have been discussed and dissected for 50 years. But now we might have a concrete explanation of just what was going on from Kubrick himself.

In a video posted to the Eyes On Cinema YouTube page, as discovered Mens Nike Roshe Run 511881 443 Squadron Blue Fiberglass Sport Turquoise Running Shoe Squadron Blue/Sport Turquoise/Gamma Grey free shipping affordable 0c8RteN
, we see footage of filmmaker Jun’ichi Yaoi on the telephone in 1980, with someone who is purported to be Kubrick. This was all during Yaoi’s documentary on the paranormal, so a natural interview subject would have been Kubrick, who was making at the time. During the interview, though, Yaoi asks the director what exactly happens at the end of , to which Kubrick gives a full explanation, as transcribed by io9:

Obviously, that’s a lot to take in, but it jives with what Arthur C. Clarke wrote in the book, both of which were developed at the same time. In the book’s ending, astronaut Dave Bowman is very obviously on display in an artificial environment, which resembles a swanky hotel room. Only this room is furnished with dummy drawers that can’t open, ornamental books that are simply attached to shelves, and hollow televisions, much like an IKEA showroom; the zoo connection is much clearer as a result as Clarke walks readers through this strange, faux-human habitat.

As io9 points out, this Kubrick video may be a little “too good to be true,” especially since there’s no definitive visual evidence that he’s actually talking. Still, the explanation does hold weight when taken with Clarke’s writing, but after 50 years and countless essays and theories on the subject, it's doubtful that this will put an end to the discussions on one of the most complex endings in all of film.

“I’ve tried to avoid doing this ever since the picture came out. When you just say the ideas they sound foolish, whereas if they’re dramatized one feels it, but I’ll try.

Beyond pinning version numbers, you can add hashes against which to verify downloaded packages:

This protects against a compromise of PyPI or the HTTPS certificate chain. It also guards against a package changing without its version number changing (on indexes that allow this). This approach is a good fit for automated server deployments.

Hash-checking mode is a labor-saving alternative to running a private index server containing approved packages: it removes the need to upload packages, maintain ACLs, and keep an audit trail (which a VCS gives you on the requirements file for free). It can also substitute for a vendor library, providing easier upgrades and less VCS noise. It does not, of course, provide the availability benefits of a private index or a vendor library.

For more, see pip install's discussion of hash-checking mode .

Using clearance 100% original Noleen Tstrap Wedge Sandals looking for online ycyLF3iG
, you can bundle up all of a project's dependencies, with any compilation done, into a single archive. This allows installation when index servers are unavailable and avoids time-consuming recompilation. Create an archive like this:

You can then install from the archive like this:

Note that compiled packages are typically OS- and architecture-specific, so these archives are not necessarily portable across machines.

Hash-checking mode can be used along with this method to ensure that future archives are built with identical packages.


Finally, beware of the keyword arg in . The (rare) packages that use it will cause those dependencies to be downloaded by setuptools directly, skipping pip's protections. If you need to use such a package, see Saucony Mens Stretch N Go Breeze Running Shoe Navy buy cheap for sale outlet free shipping authentic recommend for sale sale outlet store footlocker pictures online rkFzaT

As noted previously, pip is a command line program. While it is implemented in Python, and so is available from your Python code via import pip , you must not use pip's internal APIs in this way. There are a number of reasons for this:

This does not mean that the pip developers are opposed in principle to the idea that pip could be used as a library - it's just that this isn't how it was written, and it would be a lot of work to redesign the internals for use as a library, handling all of the above issues, and designing a usable, robust and stable API that we could guarantee would remain available across multiple releases of pip. And we simply don't currently have the resources to even consider such a task.

What this means in practice is that everything inside of pip is considered an implementation detail. Even the fact that the import name is pip is subject to change without notice. While we do try not to break things as much as possible, all the internal APIs can change at any time, for any reason. It also means that we generally won't fix issues that are a result of using pip in an unsupported way.


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